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Careers in engineering are popular due to the prestige, postive job outlook, and higher than average salary associated with this field.

If you're innovative and like a challenge, then engineering may just be the right career field for you. And when it comes to engineering, there are enough specialties to choose from that you are sure to find a fit.

Choose from over 25 official engineering specialties like; chemical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering.

In order to work as an engineer, there's no doubt you'll need to gain the proper education and training. A bachelor's degree is desirable, but it is possible to gain employment with an associate's degree or even a certification. That means you can start out without spending too much time in school and work your way into better positions. If you choose this route over the traditional bachelor's degree then it's possible to accumulate several years worth of experience early on.

Engineering Facts and Stats:

Engineering Careers: Engineers work alone or as a team planning solutions to problems. Computers are frequently utilized to aid in the planning process. The articles below will provide you with details on engineering employment options.

What is Engineering?
Engineering Specialties


Engineering Education and Training: Learn what it takes to become an engineer. Find out what the education requirements are and advanced licensing procedures.

Education Requirements for Engineers
Aeronautical Engineering Schools
Architectural Engineering Degree Online
Biomedical Engineering Degree Online
Civil Engineering Schools
Computer Engineering Degree Online
Engineering PhD Programs
Environmental Engineering Degree Online
Online Electrical Engineering Degree
Online Engineering Degree Programs


Why Become a Licensed Engineer?
How to Get Your Engineering License
Who is in Charge of Licensing Engineers?
The In’s and Out’s of the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam
What is the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam?
Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam
What Counts as Acceptable Engineering Experience for the PE Exam?

Engineering Salaries: Engineers earn considerably more than the average profession. The starting salary for an engineer is $40,000 and only increases from there.

More Average Engineer Salary information

Featured Engineering Careers: The field of engineering has a wide range of career specialties, many of which require their own degree. Learn about a few of the top engineering career types in the articles below.

Aerospace Engineering Career
Architectural Engineering Career
Biomedical Engineering Career
Chemical Engineering Careers
Civil Engineering Career
Computer Engineering Career
Electrical Engineering Careers
Environmental Engineering Career
Forensic Engineering Career
Materials Science Engineering
Structural Engineering Career




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